About Me


I am a massage therapist and tutor with a passion for helping others to feel more at ease in their body.

I've been in private practice since 2011, including working with GPs, in a holistic spa and at several festivals and events. I'm now based at Healing Thyme on Whitchurch High Street in Shropshire.

I took the holistic massage diploma with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2010, one of the most respected massage training courses in the UK. My experience of it was that I didn't just get taught a bunch of skills, although it included that. I was offered the chance to discover who I am in massage, so it becomes like a meditation, a dance, a delight for both giver and receiver. It is a joy for me to share this journey with others.



I am amazed by the power of simply being, listening to the body and being curious while I give massage. So much healing happens working in this way, releasing the underlying tensions in the body. It creates a deep sense of letting go, enabling greater ease and movement.


Outside of offering sessions and workshops, I love music. I write and play songs on the piano and guitar and love to sing.

I enjoy walks in nature, hanging out with friends, playing with my cat, going to the cinema, making delicious food and enjoying the journey of being alive.