Massage Testimonials

‘The session took place in a calming and peaceful atmosphere and after a short conversation to assess my problem (a very painful right shoulder and some tingling in my arm) and a possible solution, the massage began. I found it completely relaxing and after it had finished there was no hurry to get up and that helped. The next day I found my pain and tingling had disappeared and I no longer needed the strong painkillers I had been taking previously. I would recommend this to anyone who has a problem or just needs a relaxing hour to themselves.’ Chris, Wolverhampton

‘Jenny offers an extremely special kind of therapeutic massage like I have never experienced from any other practitioner. She truly takes the time to listen, to you and then your body. She nurtures as she works with you and has a very keen intuition into exactly what your body needs from moment to moment. I would highly recommend going to her for specific issues and for relaxation and contentment.’ Jenny, Shrewsbury

‘I have had chronic neck pain for nearly three years and medication hasn't helped much. The massage was the best thing I've ever done. It was so relaxing and I could actually feel some of the tension leaving me, even after a short time. I have definitely felt the benefit and I had the best night’s sleep in a long time. Looking forward to more treatment which I'm sure will improve my mobility. Thanks Jenny for making a difference.’ Hilary, Whitchurch

‘Jenny is a wonderful, caring and knowledgeable therapist who is able to treat both the physical and emotional aspects of the body, allowing an overall sense of wellbeing at the end of the treatment. We all need to be kinder to ourselves, so start by treating yourself to a therapy with Jenny. Your body needs her!’ Kirsty, Wrexham

‘Marvellous. You are very skilled with your hands and intuitive with targeting the problem area. I will definitely be returning for more of your healing. You have a calm way about you, which put me at ease.’ Libby, Nantwich

I have Fibromyalgia, Lupus, FND and other autoimmune conditions that cause me daily widespread pain. I was amazed how much better I felt afterwards. Jenny could feel my points of pain and she released the tense feeling. She is really friendly and professional and makes me feel welcome and comfortable. We have quiet music on during the massage and I feel so relaxed at the end of the session. I would highly recommend going to see Jenny, I’m glad to have found her.’ Wendy, Whitchurch

‘It was one of the best massages I’ve had in ages. Jenny applied exactly the right pressure for me and was warm and friendly, I would definitely recommend her.' Tina, Shropshire

‘My massage was lovely. I was feeling unwell and quite stressed. The massage really helped me to relax and unwind.’ Claire, Whitchurch 

Workshop Testimonials

‘The workshop was really useful. We’ve already put some of what we learnt into practise and are working on expanding that.’ Stephen, Bristol

‘We learnt a lot in a short space of time. Very well structured. Jenny was very knowledgeable and able to demonstrate very well. The workshop was very relaxing and we were able to put what was learned into practise afterwards. It was very useful and I would highly recommend it.’ Jacquie, Manchester

‘We really enjoyed the massage workshop: the whole experience was very informative. We learnt about basic anatomy of the upper back to understand why different areas require different techniques. We also learnt different pressure levels and using different parts of the hands, knuckles, elbows and how important it is to communicate during the massage so it can be comfortable for the person receiving the massage. We are using the massage techniques at least once a week. It has been a really great to help relax before bedtime and/or after a long day at work.’ Luiza, Bristol

‘We both really enjoyed the workshop and have been practising since. I went away with more confidence in my abilities and some useful techniques. I particularly liked the part of the session about posture and positioning when actually delivering a massage. I have found this really useful. Jenny was great and made us feel very at ease with what was a new experience for Joanne and myself. She clearly knows her stuff and knew how to teach it well.’ Stephen, London