Neck Pain

I see a LOT of people with neck pain. 90% of clients have this issue and given what we ask our necks to do, it’s no surprise. Whether that’s looking at a computer screen for hours on end, driving, texting, weeding the garden, reading a book or watching TV, it all puts strain on the neck.

It’s not easy for our slender necks to carry the heavy weight of our heads in any case, so here’s a few tips that will help to ease that strain.

Full range

Your neck can move in eight different directions: up and down, side to side, looking over each shoulder and in a circle left and right. To ease every day tensions, take your neck through its full range of motion. Go easy and don’t rush the movement. Slow and gentle is better so you can feel if there are any sore or restricted places. 

If you work at a desk or drive a lot, aim to do this 2-3 times a day, morning, lunch time and afternoon, for example. It’s also a good excuse to get up and take a break from work, which we all need to do day regularly throughout the day. 


The occiput is the bottom of the scalp, where the head and neck meet. If we spend time with our head extended forwards (such as driving or computer work) this area can become sore. One way to ease it is to lie on the floor and put a small foam roller (you can buy from Amazon) or rolled up towel under your head, gently lean into it and hold for 10-20 seconds and release. Do this 3 times.

Here’s some example neck exercises from




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