Massage Workshops

We really enjoyed the massage workshop: it was very informative. We learnt about basic anatomy of the upper back to understand why different areas require different techniques. We also learnt different pressure levels and using different parts of the hands and how important it is to communicate during the massage. It has been a really great to help relax before bedtime and/or after a long day at work.
— Luiza, Bristol

Massage Workshops for Two


A two-hour massage workshop in Whitchurch for two people to learn how to exchange massage.

For partners, friends and family members to practise on each other, this is an introduction to massage. Each person gets the chance to give and receive a massage.

Why learn to massage your partner? You will find out about:

  • muscle actions and patterns of tension: what you can do to help alleviate them in yourself and others;

  • posture so you can be comfortable and relaxed while giving massage;

  • how to work with your partner's particular areas of tension;

  • how to make the most of receiving a massage;

  • how to set up your space for massage;

  • when not to massage;

  • self-massage to work out your own tensions.

This massage workshop is available at my treatment room or I can come to your home in Shropshire or south Cheshire.

Basic Massage Skills Course


Learn how to give massage to family and friends at this massage workshop in Whitchurch. Can help if you:

  • have a partner who has aches and pains you would like to help ease;

  • would like to help your child to relax or sleep better;

  • have an ageing relative who could benefit from nurturing touch;

  • have a stressed-out friend who would enjoy a space to relax and let go;

  • want to learn or brush up on the basics of massage.

You'll learn posture and movement that means you can stay relaxed and comfortable while giving massage and you'll also get to receive lots of massage during this massage workshop in Whitchurch too.

It’s a fun, informative, interactive day, where you’ll learn different techniques and approaches to massage, including how to adapt massage to your home environment.

For four or more people. 

Contact me if you would like me to run this for your friends, family or community group.


Massage workshops in Shropshire

Massage workshops in Shropshire

It’s a natural instinct to want to offer nourishing touch to those that we are close to, whether that’s a partner, friend or family member. Many people try massage at home but worry that they aren’t getting it right or that they will end up hurting their partner. 

The good news is that massage is natural, and we can all do it. Sometimes it’s useful to get a little instruction to build our confidence and help us to feel comfortable giving massage. 

It’s a little-known fact that giving massage can be as relaxing as receiving it! Learning to use the right posture and body mechanics in a massage lesson for couples in Whitchurch means that you can enjoy giving massage as well as receiving it. If you are relaxed, it feels better for the person receiving it too.

As you grow in confidence you will learn to stay loose in your shoulders, keep your hands soft and use the weight of your body to provide pressure, rather than the strength in your hands. This is much easier for you and feels better for your loved one too.

I will also go through some basic anatomy with you in a massage workshop for two in Whitchurch. Looking at what is happening to our muscles and bones can help us to understand what actions lead to which patterns of tension, and what we can do to alleviate them. The source of tension isn’t always where the pain is, so it’s interesting to look at how the structures of the body connect and how they affect each other.

If you want to know more about learning to massage your loved ones in Whitchurch, get in touch.