How I Work

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch


The way I work is friendly, open and professional. I work with you to discover what will benefit you the most on the day.

Before we start the session, I'll carry out an initial consultation. It’s helpful for me to get an overview of your physical, emotional and mental health, so I can offer you the most appropriate treatment. The questions are general and wide-ranging and you only need share what you feel comfortable with.

I then suggest what areas we could work on during the session and get your agreement for the treatment plan. If you would like to work on something else, or want to make sure a particular area is included, say at this point.

We’ll also discuss how you would like massage to fit into your life: do you need a series of sessions to work on a specific problem? Would you like monthly maintenance appointments to help your muscles stay loose and let go of stress? Or do you see massage as something to book as and when you need it?

During the session, I will check in with you as we go along about pressure, how you are feeling, if the treatment needs to be adjusted for any reason and I also invite you to offer feedback. You can change your mind about what areas we work on as you go along, so do let me know if you want to make changes to what we agreed at the start. You may also feel to be quiet and allow yourself to drift into deep relaxation or even sleep.

My aim is to listen and respond to the cues from your body about where to work and how much pressure to use. I am waiting to feel the point of let go for any particular muscle and wait there for the release. I believe in working slowly, and gently easing in to deeper work.

I will leave you in your own space for a few minutes at the end of the session, so there is no hurry to get up before you are ready.

I'll then have a chat with you about your experience, answer any questions you have and suggest some aftercare you can try at home. For example, stretches or breathing exercises. You’ll also receive a Welcome Pack with aftercare advice, information about my practice and a recommendation voucher.

We’ll talk about an ongoing treatment plan at the end of your appointment and find a path that works for you - whether that’s a series of regular sessions, monthly maintenance or as and when you need. Or you may want to have a follow-up session and then decide after you’ve seen how your body responds. Every body is unique and needs a different approach to help it heal. We will work together to find what works best for you.

Be aware that long-held tensions take time to resolve and won’t be fixed in one session. It takes time for the body to transform and a slow and steady approach creates the most lasting change.

Please ask any questions or offer any feedback you need to. Therapeutic massage is about developing a positive client/practitioner relationship to help you take your next step, and it works best when the client fully engages in the healing process.

Anything you can do at home to relax, let go and ease your muscles will mean you get more out of your session and you will see more of an effect on the aches and pains you feel.

The video below explains a bit more about how I approach massage.