Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Just like practising yoga and other forms of exercise, having regular massage in Shropshire helps to relieve the tensions of daily life, keeps your muscles and bones in shape, and releases mental and emotional stress.


Sharon comes to see me every month. Initially, she was feeling pain in her right shoulder and arm due to a busy time at work but was otherwise in good health and swam regularly.

The initial problem was resolved after 3 sessions and since then, she has continued to come for sessions for relaxation and renewal. She finds that it helps her to let go of tensions that build up due to working at a desk, and, along with her swims, keeps her body in shape and relieved of tensions during the rest of the month.


When she first came to see me, Jean had been experiencing chronic neck pain for 3 years. She tried many different approaches to resolve it and nothing worked. She was getting to the end of her tether when she came to me for a taster session.

After that initial half hour, she felt a change and was able to sleep better. She came to see me for massage in Whitchurch every 1-2 weeks for 3 months until she felt a significant shift in her pain. She then moved to monthly and eventually quarterly appointments.

The aftercare I recommended was in part about keeping her neck mobile, but it was also about helping her to let go of stress and holding herself tightly, which contributed to the pain. Due to practising these relaxation exercises, Jean found that she became increasingly aware of when she was about to get stressed and was more easily able to stop herself before the full stress response was triggered. All this gave her the tools to ease her pain and maintain the lifestyle she wants.

*Client names changed

Scientific research on massage and healthy lifestyle

  • Massage therapy may promote a parasympathetic response by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and feelings of anxiety (C.A. Moyer, James Rounds and James W. Hannum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Psychological Bulletin, 2004 Vol 130).

  • Massage can boost white blood cell count by up to 70% in the hour following treatment, improving the functioning of the immune system (Fulvio D’Acquisto, University of Roehampton and Bodyology massage school 2018).

*Thanks to the Massage Training Institute for these research summaries


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