First Appointment

What should I expect at my first appointment for a massage in Whitchurch?

If you haven’t filled in a consultation form online (this is worth doing as it saves time on the day), we will do that at the first session. This takes details such as your date of birth and address and a brief overview of your medical history. Mainly I want to find out what you want to receive from the session and massage in Whitchurch overall, so I can tailor my treatment accordingly. You only need share what you feel comfortable with.

I will also ask you to sign a client agreement, read my privacy policy and say whether you are happy to receive marketing emails from me.

We decide on a treatment plan for the session and I’ll let you know that I will check in with you about pressure and also invite you to say if there’s anything you want to be different. I’ll ask if you have any more questions, then invite you onto the table, offering you a sheet or towel to cover yourself with. I will leave the room to give you space to get unaddressed as far as feels comfortable for you. When I return I’ll check that you are comfortable, warm enough and if you want music playing during the session.

Then follows the massage. I will let you know when this is complete and again leave the room to give you time to get dressed. When I return, I’ll ask you how you are and if there was anything you noticed or wanted to share. I’ll then offer you aftercare exercises to practise at home, ask if you want to book again, take payment and give you your Welcome Pack. This contains information about what I do, a recommendation voucher and a scented tealight for relaxation at home.

Follow up treatments follow the same basic pattern, though the consultation at the start tends to be shorter.

Sessions of massage in Nantwich at Weaver House follow this same process, except you will need to book through their reception and arrive 10 minutes early to fill in the consultation form on the day.

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