Effects of Massage

Is therapeutic massage painful?

You may feel sore spots and tightness, but you shouldn’t feel acute pain. If you do, tell me and I will stop and move on to something else. I work with the nervous system and so causing pain is counterproductive to what I am trying to achieve. It means that you will tense up and your muscles will tighten, the opposite of what we want to happen.

I do give deep pressure, but I work up to it slowly, making sure the tissues are warmed up and you are in a relaxed state. A good marker is that if you are feeling discomfort that for you is more than 7 out of 10, we stop. Also, if you find yourself starting to tense, we stop. You don’t have to ‘put up’ with anything, you don’t need to not say stop for fear of offending me. This is your session, your body and if it doesn’t feel right, let me know.

I have a particular ache, will therapeutic massage help?

The massage in Shropshire and Cheshire I offer is remedial. That means that it can help you if you have a chronic pain, such as back or neck ache. It can also help in recovery from injury or an operation, as long as it’s at least 6 weeks after the event. However, there are no guarantees that I will be able to help resolve your issue and there may be another therapist who will be more suitable for you. If that is the case, I can offer recommendations.

I just want to relax, can therapeutic massage help?

Yes, most definitely. Almost every client I see feels relaxed by the end of their session, even if we are working on muscle aches. If you want to come for a relaxing massage in Whitchurch or Nantwich to nurture yourself, or you are feeling stressed or anxious, therapeutic massage is excellent for this, as one of its main aims is to relax the nervous system. I do this by using slow, gentle, consistent pressure that gradually deepens and through using holds to give your body time and space to relax. 

Will I feel odd afterwards?

Everyone feels different. Some clients feel lightheaded and drowsy, some feel energised and awake, some feel no different but then need to lie down a couple of hours later, and others feel nothing at all. However you feel, it is okay. I would advise that you don’t arrange to do anything immediately afterwards if possible, give yourself an hour or two to rest and absorb the benefit of the massage and avoid alcohol and caffeine for 12 hours if you can.

Because therapeutic massage works on the nervous system, which takes time to unwind, you may feel the effects for hours and even days afterwards. If you are at all concerned about how you feel after a session, get in touch with me.

Why do I feel better after a massage?

There are many benefits to massage. Some are scientifically provable, such as improved immune function and lower blood pressure. Others are more subjective, such as an increased sense of wellbeing. This website gives an overview of the scientific benefits.

Will my issue be cured straight away?

It totally depends on what it is. Some aches are resolved after one session, some after 2 or 3, others after weeks or months, and some never go away but become more manageable. I won’t be able to give you a proper assessment until I have gone through a consultation with you and given you your first session. Even then, it is an ongoing process, because everyone responds to massage differently and it depends on what you do with your body on a daily basis and, how often you practise the aftercare I give you.

The best approach is to come in with an open mind and be curious to discover what’s there. One thing I can almost definitely guarantee is that you will feel more relaxed when you leave. Therapeutic massage can’t solve complex medical issues, but it does help the nervous system relax and help you to feel more at ease with whatever is going on in your body.

Have another question? Ask me!