The Meeting Point

Therapeutic Massage in Nantwich

There are so many different kinds of massage, what is it that defines the type of therapeutic massage that I do? 


There are different ways to answer this question. Today, I’m going to focus on one aspect – the meeting point. One thing I’m often asked is whether my massage in Nantwich is remedial or relaxing, about pampering or pain relief, deep tissue or a treat. In return I ask – can it not be both?

In some sessions I may focus on one aspect or another, but I see that where I bring the most value is in the combination of these two approaches. Time and again I see that my clients are in pain, not because they have an injury or physical problem, but because they feel mentally or emotionally stressed. This isn’t just an interesting concept, it’s a lived reality for many people, that stress is causing chronic pain in the body.

Focusing only on remedial work here won’t help. In stress, the nervous system holds the muscles tight, and can’t be pushed into letting go with deep pressure. The brain needs to get the message it is safe, whatever danger it is guarding against has passed and it can allow the body to relax. By first being present and offering gentle touch, I’ve seen that the nervous system lets go and then deeper muscle work can be done on receptive tissues.

But if all I did was gentle relaxation massage in Nantwich, the muscles that have been holding on so tight wouldn’t receive the physical release they need to let go of stored up pain. Both are needed. 

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