A Moving, Living Prayer

Therapeutic massage in Shropshire

Sometimes when I’m creating a blog, social post or anything else for my business, I have a clear idea of what I want to say. I get the elements together and it all falls into place as I had imagined it.

Therapeutic massage in Shropshire, a moving, living prayer

Therapeutic massage in Shropshire, a moving, living prayer

But sometimes, I start the process of creation, and something emerges that is a complete surprise. Take the photoshoot for my website. I knew the qualities I wanted to convey (calm, presence, let go) but how that would show up in the photos was an unknown. When looking through the shoot in the days after, I was touched and delighted to see the image that became the front page of my website (pictured right).

 It was completely unplanned, I was simply in the process of giving massage, and this wonderful image appeared. To me it has 3 aspects: it speaks of the meeting of opposites within that represents wholeness; the Namaste mudra that is about honouring the divine in yourself and another; and giving thanks – gratitude.

All of these qualities are fundamental to how and why I offer therapeutic massage in Shropshire. Since I first began meditating, the union of opposites has always intrigued me. Here, even on a basic physical level, you can see the right and left hands meeting, the right and left sides of the brain coming together; the intuitive, creative right side merging with the logical, analytical left side. In the deepest place, we are and always have been whole, but such a gesture reminds us to activate this wholeness in our daily lives and has great potency. This meeting creates the spark of new life and new creativity.

Namaste is a powerful gesture. While many people in the West are aware of this mudra, the deeper meaning has been lost. We see it simply as a greeting. While it’s true that it’s used as a greeting gesture, this is because it is the acknowledgement that whoever you meet is divine, just as you are. By using Namaste when you say hello or goodbye, you are recognising the being that shines through the human in front of you. And, you are also acknowledging that beingness shines through you. When I massage, my aim is to move from being, to connect with the depth inside, because this is the only way we can access true relaxation. The only true rest is found in beingness. As I connect with this in myself, my hope is that it reminds clients they can also rest into this space in themselves and refresh and renew their tired body and mind.

The ultimate antidote to negativity, exhaustion and disillusionment is gratitude. Gratitude may seem strange in the context of therapy. Surely the therapist gives their time, energy and presence during a session? In one sense, yes of course this is what happens, but looking deeper, if I am in a state of gratitude while I give, giving thanks for whatever arises, whatever I feel, whatever the client experiences, whether it feels easy or not, then everything is allowed. The true benefit of any kind of therapy is experienced in an atmosphere of non-judgement and unconditional acceptance. So many of our tensions, worries and pains are caused by the belief that everything is not okay as it is. In gratitude, all is accepted. This may change the experience, it may not, but it is certainly easier on the heart and mind to accept rather than fight what is. 

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A common thread in all 3 of these aspects is prayer – we also know this as the gesture for prayer, for the worship of, and connection to, divinity. The meeting of opposites, acknowledging the divine inside and out and gratitude are all forms of prayer, all ways we can recognise and activate deeper being in our daily lives. The reason I give massage and love giving therapeutic massage in Shropshire is because it is a moving, living prayer. It is meditation in action, moving beingness into life through the body. 

This is why I chose this gesture as my logo image (above). It has so many layers of meaning and is particularly relevant for me as a therapist and in my own human journey. Spend a few minutes drinking it in and let me know what it inspires in you.

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