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Therapeutic Massage in Whitchurch

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch helps with muscular pain relief

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch helps with muscular pain relief

One of the main benefits of therapeutic massage is pain relief. According to NHS England, 30% of GP appointments are for musculoskeletal pain. The only treatment most GPs can offer for this is pain killers. Helpful in the short-term but not a long-term plan.

Bodywork such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment and massage all help to provide a long-term solution.

What works, is of course, down to each individual and the specifics of what is happening to them. I saw one client who had a very painful constricted femoral nerve. While she was seeking hospital treatment to resolve the underlying issue, massage did help her to relax and not hold herself so tightly, particularly around the painful area. 

Other clients have told me that they have been in pain for months and even years with back and neck aches, have tried many different therapies and approaches and nothing has worked. While physio, osteo and chiro treatments are all highly effective, they tend to be more clinical in nature.

It’s unlikely that you would go to one of these professionals just to relax, and this is where the two aspects of therapeutic massage in Whitchurch can work extremely well together.

For clients such as those above, my first port of call is to help them to let go. Being in constant pain, even if it’s just a dull ache, is exhausting and very frustrating. It’s likely they will be holding themselves tense and be experiencing low level stress. Just by sitting and being with them to start with, that tension can start to unravel. I then work very gently and often mobilise neighbouring joints to help the whole area to let go, as well providing soft tissue release to those tense and held together muscles.

This combination of relaxation, presence and remedial work can work miracles, and over time, clients have told me that it reduces the need for pain killers. Those who stretch and take care of their muscles in between sessions often see great results. 

I’m not in anyway suggesting that other forms of bodywork can’t also provide great results (they do, I can attest to the effectiveness of osteopathy and chiropractic treatment myself!), therapeutic massage has something unique to offer. 

Try different things and see what works for you. Some people thrive in a clinical setting, others need a softer approach. If you’ve tried other things and are still needing relief from regular aches and pains, give therapeutic massage in Whitchurch a go.

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