A Reflection Point

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

What is the role of a massage therapist? There are many different answers to this, and it depends on the style of massage in question and the needs of the client. 

What I’m noticing more and more is that I am a reflection point for my clients having therapeutic massage in Whitchurch, a mirror to reflect to them their journey of self-care. Regular clients share how things progress for them each week, fortnight or month, and over time, the issue they originally came with is no longer a problem because of the inspired actions they have taken.

The therapeutic massage in Whitchurch is one part of this, but what I see is that having regular sessions also acts to inspire them to take the actions that they know will help. This includes the aftercare I offer and other activities or exercises they already know.

The important thing I’ve noticed is that clients do know what they need to do to help themselves, and often my role is to reflect that to them. This affirms their knowing and helps them stick to what they know will be of benefit. I find this wonderful: that we all have what we need inside, but that there is immense value in sharing and working with others to give us the boost we need on our path to wellbeing.

It deeply warms my heart to listen to their journeys of healing and to be a mirror to reflect their own wisdom back to them. I’m happy to be a guide, support and cheerleader, as well as doing the physical work of soothing the nerves and easing the muscle tissues.

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