The Joy of Giving and Receiving

Why couple’s massage workshops in Shropshire make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift

Couples Massage Workshop in Shropshire

Couples Massage Workshop in Shropshire

The couples that come to see me for couple’s massage workshops in Shropshire all have one thing in common: love. They are all motivated by love and care for their partner and they want to help ease their aches and pains. But often they are worried that they won’t get it right or that they may hurt their partner. 

This is why learning massage is a gift whether you are giving or receiving: both can be equally relaxing. With a few tips on posture, technique and quality of touch, you can learn to enjoy the giving as much as the receiving and leave those worries behind.

Receiving a massage is of course very relaxing, there’s no doubt about it. Having a space to completely let go is a wonderful thing. But, even in the activity of giving, you can stay relaxed and at ease. It can become a meditation in itself.

There isn’t right and wrong in massage, but the strokes can feel better or worse and you can feel met and heard, or not, by the other person. The truth is that, when you are giving, the more you are at ease and in touch with yourself, the less likely it is that you will hurt your partner or ‘get it wrong’. You’ll notice if they aren’t enjoying it and you’ll remember to check in and ask if they are okay.

By keeping your hands soft and free of tension and not trying to force or effort with your touch, that ease will translate through your fingers into your partner and will help them to let go. So much is communicated through touch alone, and the more at ease you are, the more relaxed your partner will be.  

We often think that we have to do so much to have an effect, when in fact with massage, less can be more. A gentle hand or foot massage can be wonderfully relaxing and very easy for the giver. This can be done on the sofa while you are relaxing of an evening: simple, comfortable and effective.

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