Rest deep in activity

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

These last two weeks I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted. I’ve always been someone who lives on their nerves and throughout my life have experienced times of insomnia and burn out. 

This exhaustion I’ve been feeling is due to my nervous system feeling over stimulated. I think I’ve lived this way for a long time, but some healing I had recently put me more in touch with the reality of how my body is feeling. And it’s very clearly telling me enough is enough.

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch - restful to give as well as receive

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch - restful to give as well as receive

The funny thing is though, that although when I feel this way all I want to do is lie down and rest, it’s not always the best way to go. For sure, overly stimulating activity, such as intense exercise, isn’t going to help, slow deliberate movement does.

It can feel challenging at times to bring myself to do a massage when I feel this way, but the reason I can is because I know, whatever else my mind is telling me, that I will actually feel better for doing it. When I give therapeutic massage in Whitchurch, I contact a place in myself that’s deeper than my body or mind, a place that isn’t burnt out or exhausted, but in the abundant flow of life. 

By the end of the session of therapeutic massage in Whitchurch I feel calm, relaxed and grounded. I may still feel tired with edgy nerves, but it’s no longer my whole experience. It reminds me that the place of deep rest lives inside, and even in the midst of activity, I can move with it and as it.

So, while I would definitely encourage you to receive therapeutic massage in Whitchurch when your nerves are on the edge, the surprising truth is that giving can be just as helpful.

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