What is massage for?

Therapeutic massage in north Shropshire

What is massage for? You’ll get a different answer to this for every massage therapist and client you ask. For some, it’s fixing a problem. For others, it’s about relaxing and letting go. For you it maybe body maintenance, or perhaps it’s about treating yourself once a month.


Although there are many ways to answer this question, in this article I’m going to follow one simple thought: therapeutic massage in north Shropshire is about helping you to feel your body. 

What does that mean, feel your body? Surely, we feel our body every second of the day?  Well, yes of course we do, but there’s always a deeper level to touch. Something I hear from almost every client is, ‘I didn’t realise how sore that was until you touched it’. Certain parts of the body, such as the shoulders, let us know very quickly when they are sore. Other areas, such as the glutes and hamstrings, can absorb a lot of tension before we are aware of it.

Part of the process of having regular therapeutic massage in north Shropshire and engaging in aftercare at home is that we start to feel deeper into our body and become more aware of where tension is held. While this may initially seem facing (more aches to deal with?!), over time it means that we become aware of stress just as it starts to happen and so can address it before it builds up and becomes an issue.

Our modern lifestyles can also be very mind-orientated. It’s not uncommon for us to spend hours a day looking at a screen, or focused on driving, all of which require a lot of brain power. So, even when we stop to relax, the mind keeps whirring and we forget to let go and come into contact with how we feel physically.

Coming into deeper contact with our body and letting go of thinking can also bring about inspiration. There is a wealth of information, ideas and solutions bubbling up just under the surface of our every day consciousness. Letting go of organising and planning and sinking into the body can help these thoughts to surface and show us creative ways we can move forward in life.

Regular therapeutic massage in north Shropshire is one part of a active lifestyle that can help you to rest more into your body. It’s one healthy habit that can support you to make lasting changes and enjoy life more fully. 

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