The Less That Is More

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch, Shropshire

We humans have a strange relationship to growth. We know we have to do it, we know it happens beyond our control and it’s also something we can choose to engage with or not, yet so often we get in the way of our own expansion.

We can either turn away from change and deny it’s needed, staying in our comfort zone, even if it means living with physical, mental and emotional difficulties. Or, we want everything to happen yesterday and have no patience for the slow, steady process of transformation.

After the ecstasy, the laundry

After the ecstasy, the laundry

I can certainly relate to the second mindset. When I started looking within in my mid 20s, I was hungry for change and I wanted it all to happen right now. I dived into a succession of workshops and healing processes for 10 years that continually pushed me over the edge, so much so I found it hard to do the regular things in life, like hold down a job or empty my laundry basket!

After a decade of living this way it began to dawn on me that I needed to engage in ‘normal’ life and be okay with where I was. Because the underlying feeling that was driving this exploration was that I wasn’t okay as I was and I needed to change to be acceptable, both to myself and others. And it took a few more years for me to fully embrace this and learn that sustainable transformation happens slowly, gently and consistently. It can look like nothing is happening for a long time, then suddenly you find yourself in a new place.

We can take a cue from nature here. Our environment changes from the extremes of barren, cold and wintery to baking hot and luscious, but this doesn’t happen overnight. Every day nature is changing and transforming on its journey from the cold and dark to the heat and light, but that change is so small, so imperceptible, we almost can’t see it happening, yet somehow, winter always turns into summer.  

The small, consistent actions we take every day are the things that change us the most. It’s not that there aren’t moments of huge change also. We all know that sometimes the unexpected happens and our whole world is transformed in an instant. But we still have to live each day, each moment after that and live that change through every aspect of our life.

Which is why I advocate aftercare for my clients following a session of therapeutic massage in Whitchurch, and encourage them to engage in some kind of regular practice that they can do every day. It is way more effective to stretch, breathe or meditate for 30 seconds each day than to do an hour once a week. 

Spending an hour on the massage table once a month receiving a therapeutic massage in Whitchurch is beneficial and is a great reminder for the body, mind and soul on how to let go, but it’s the actions you take in between that will bring about lasting change.

Get in touch if you would like me to suggest an aftercare routine for you, whether or not you have seen me for a therapeutic massage in Whitchurch. I’m offering free Skype consultations throughout January to help you establish a healthy habit that will set you up for a great 2019.