Becoming Aware

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

One of the subtler benefits of having regular massage in Whitchurch is becoming more aware of aches, pains and areas of tension in the body.

In the last week, two clients have told me that, due to a combination of having regular sessions and the aftercare I’ve given them to practise at home, they now catch themselves becoming tense and area able to relax before it becomes an issue. 

While it’s understandable that we want a quick fix when we are feeling uncomfortable in our body, there’s no substitute for this gradual building of awareness over time.

When I first started training as a massage therapist, I realised that I mostly kept my shoulders somewhere near my ears. Initially, I just became aware I was doing this. Then as the months progressed, I began to move them down when I noticed. Eventually they took up permanent residence in their rightful place. 

It takes time, but it is possible to change these ingrained postural habits with awareness, regular therapy and exercises to readjust.

It’s interesting that for my clients, the big difference is noticing when stress is starting to build up in the body. So much of the muscular aches I see aren’t caused by activity, but by holding the body in a pattern of tension due to stress. 

Becoming aware of when we start to feel stress coming on is so beneficial, because often once we have gone into the stressed state, it is hard to come out of it and we can spend a long time in there before we realise how strung out we feel. Gradually becoming more aware of when this process starts to kick off and giving ourselves the space to relax and let go not only helps our muscles, but also soothes our mind and soul.

Want to know more? Book a session of therapeutic massage in Whitchurch with me. If finances are tight, I’m offering FREE Skype consultations in January to set up you with an exercise to practise at home that will help ease your body, mind and soul.