Trust, intimacy and mutual respect for Christmas

Are you unsure of what to get your partner for Christmas this year? Would you like to find an experience you could share, rather than buying more stuff?

Perhaps you have also struggled to find as much time as you would like to spend together. If you both work and especially if you also have children, finding a time that’s just for you as a couple doesn’t always happen.

One way you could create this precious space is with massage. Most partners will have given massage a go at home at some point, helping to ease sore shoulders or an achy back. However, many lack confidence and worry about ‘getting it right’ or causing their loved one more pain.

But there is really is no need to worry. Massage is very natural, and everyone can do it, though sometimes a little direction is useful. That’s when we come back to the Christmas gift idea I mentioned at the start. How about a voucher for a 2-hour massage workshop in Whitchurch? You and your beloved will both get chance to give and receive massage and find out easy ways to helps soothe aches and pains. 

The lesson includes basic anatomy, technique and posture. Something not many people are aware of is that the way you hold and move your body when you give massage makes a huge difference. It is possible to give a massage without straining your shoulders and hands, and if you do, it feels better for the other person too.

Practising massage also helps communication skills, as you need to be able to give and receive feedback on how to adjust what you are doing. Working in this way creates trust, respect and intimacy, which is great if you are needing to reconnect after a busy day.

And these massage workshops in Whitchurch aren’t just for partners either. Friends and family can also benefit from learning massage together. It’s a fun, educational and relaxing way to spend a couple of hours. 

You can read what others have said about workshops with me, including this:

‘The workshop was very relaxing and we were able to put what was learned into practise afterwards. It was very useful and I would highly recommend it.’ 

Find out more about massage workshops in Whitchurch or buy a gift voucher.