Deepening Days

dropping in.jpg

As we approach the darkest days of the year, there’s a natural pull inside, into the interior, the inner world.

There’s a gift to be received from each season, and the deep of winter is a wonderful time to let go, come to rest and let everything else fall away.

I feel this pull and I also feel my resistance to it: the tendency to distract, go out, engage my mind, do anything other than feel the death that is happening inside.

This is where self-care and self-recognition are so vital. For me, it starts with the recognition of what is happening inside. I can have a mental idea of this, thoughts or judgments about how I feel or how I’m living, but recognition means truly accepting this is where I am at. 

Once that’s taken place, the self-care can come from this meaningful place. And that self-care could be one of many things: it could be getting an early night, reading a nourishing book, having a bath or a warm drink to soothe the body inside and out, or a hundred other things. The key is that it serves the deepening, it doesn’t continue to hold me in a place of distraction or unawareness. 

And how does the initial self-recognition take place? Through slowing down enough to be truly honest with myself about how I am living. To be vulnerable enough to share how I really feel with a friend. 

Self-honesty is vital at any time of the year, but during these darkest days, it can open up a door into the unknown that is profound, mysterious and the gateway to new life. 

Happy Solstice everyone!