Meaningful Christmas Gifts

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

Therapeutic massage in Whitchurch

Are you wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year? Do you half dread the festive season because you want to get your family and friends a unique gift but don’t know where to look?

Are you also unsure of what you’d like to receive? If your tribe ask you what you would like as a present, do you struggle to think of something that you would find truly meaningful?

If you have had a therapeutic massage in Whitchurch with me then you will know the value of what you experienced. Whether you found it relaxing, soothing, it eased your muscle aches, helped you to get a better night’s sleep, or manage your pain, you’ll know what a benefit that was for your life.

Why not pass on that gift to those you love? You can buy a gift voucher for the value of £10 upwards and cover either part or the whole cost of a session. And, you could also request this as a present for yourself. 

Then there’s the added benefit that you’ll also be supporting your community. By putting your Christmas cash into the local economy, you are helping small businesses to flourish, and Whitchurch high street to maintain its unique character. You’re also helping me to keep on doing what I love: offering people a space to let go and heal.

Imagine beginning January with the gift of a massage. Start 2019 as you mean to go on, with relaxation, nourishment and ease.

You can buy my gift vouchers for therapeutic massage in Whitchurch online, or you can request a paper copy to be mailed to you at no extra cost.