Digging for soul gold: the real Christmas gift

As we head towards the winter solstice, everything in nature is turning in: light is fading, leaves are falling, the earth is bare. On the surface, death and decay are everywhere as stillness and silence descend.

I find my inner landscape mirroring this inward shift and feel more in contact with the depths inside. And although it may seem to my mind that there’s nothing going on, I know that these inner depths are the rich, fertile soil of the soul.

I have the sense at this time that I’m digging for gold, for soul treasures that don’t get to see the light in the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life, and that this is the real gifting of the festive season. By allowing myself to let go and drop in, much is revealed. Yes, there may be hidden fears, difficulties and discomfort. And, there are also the seeds of potential waiting to be discovered, seeds that may have been waiting years to germinate.

Giving space to contact these inner depths is a Christmas gift like no other: the gold of the soul is revealed, gifting new life, talents and ways of being in the world. This may be a dream long cherished or a total surprise. Either way, it’s worth putting your attention inside.

I offer workshop and massage gift vouchers in Whitchurch and skincare kits as Christmas gifts that offer relaxation, ease, let go and nourishment. Contact me if you want to know more.