The power of self-love at Celebrating Woman

It’s not always easy for us to celebrate ourselves. It can be much easier to give to others and acknowledge their gifts than it is to recognise our own beauty.

As a therapist, my role is to be there with my clients, to deeply listen and respond to them as best I can. But, if I’m really doing my job, I need to extend the same care towards myself. This I find much more challenging.


In the midst of a busy life, I can forget to hear the small voice inside that is asking to be seen. And it’s not always about difficulty. Sometimes there are gifts wanting to be recognised and expressed that don’t get to see the light of day.

For the last five weeks I’ve been part of a team of amazing, creative women putting together the Celebrating Woman area at Blackberry Fair. We made bunting, we painted inspiring quotes on boards, we planned workshops and decoration for our space. I loved being part of a creative team, and it also brought up the question in me, what does it mean to celebrate woman?

I’ve spent much of my life not feeling at ease with being a woman or even understanding what that means. The more I have grown the capacity to love and care for myself and feel more deeply into my body, the more I’ve understood it. Being part of this team accelerated that for me, and showed me how vital it is to celebrate myself and woman as a whole, the immense gifts, talents and world-shifting power of the feminine. I stand in awe of this.

For me, the day highlighted the need for self-care and nourishment. I saw how vital it is to give to myself and how I can only serve others from that place.

Anyone who visited us in the Heritage Courtyard could see and feel the outpouring of beauty that arrived in the celebration of woman in every aspect of who She is.

I feel incredibly proud to have been part of this, and see how vital and necessary it is to celebrate and love ourselves as we are.

I offer talks and workshops for woman on self-care, nourishment and wellbeing, contact me to find out more.